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Is All Auto Glass the Same? What You Should Know

When you need auto glass, it is important to know your options. There are dozens of different types of materials and installation methods that may be used on vehicles today. The type of material you choose will depend on how often the vehicle is driven, where it’s parked, and what kind of weather conditions there are in your area.

We’ll go over some common choices below:

Understanding OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

Auto glass is often installed and repaired every day. This means that you need to decide whether or not the OEM products should be used when installing auto glass- there are a few reasons as to why this could matter:

  • What will the insurance pay for?
  • Can we find the same products from window manufacturers?
  • Which products are the highest quality and safest?
  • What is more affordable for you, the car’s owner?
  • Does it even matter for some vehicles?

The type of glass your car is made with matters. For instance, a windshield from Ford Motor Company should be the ideal window for your Ford vehicle. But you need to ask some questions first – where did it come from?

A few things matter: whether or not the company makes both their own windows and original cars; if they do make just one product which happens to be an aftermarket accessory like a door panel that doesn’t match factory specifications, who will warranty/repair what damages it does incur in its lifetime?

So before committing yourself through purchase know these precautions.

Although all manufacturers in the industry are required to meet Federal Vehicle Safety Standards, there is a difference between engineering your first-rate windshield and just barely squeaking by.

As an owner of a car you should always be concerned with safety for those inside your vehicle; this includes outside road conditions as well.

For this reason, getting outfitted with only the bare necessities isn’t good enough for safeguarding our automobiles from harm’s way on countless occasions when they’re out driving around town or heading off into wide open spaces where roads may not exist at all!

Expensive Isn’t Necessarily Better

The price of your windshield does not always reflect how well it will hold up. In fact, a lot goes into determining the final cost such as market demand and current conditions. So to know you are getting top-quality auto glass for your car, go with an expert.

San Jose Auto Glass & Windshield Repair Specialist technicians are ASE Certified. What this means is that we have the training, education, and experience necessary to make recommendations on which piece of glass is best for you. Our top priority? Safety!

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