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Do-It-Yourself Auto Glass Repair Kits: Are They A Waste Of Money?

If you have a small chip in your windshield or broken side mirror, it’s tempting to purchase one of many do-it-yourself auto glass repair kits available at the store. But is this really something that you want to take on yourself? In this article, we will discuss whether DIY auto glass repair kits are worth it and if they are safe for use.

At Windshield Replacement San Jose, we deeply understand the importance of quality auto glass repair. We know that you want your vehicle to be safe and sound in case an emergency situation arises as well as for it to look aesthetically appealing. That’s why after decades of experience working with vehicles, our staff can confidently say: DIY jobs are almost always a complete waste of cash! Curious about what makes us so sure? Read on below before taking any risks at home!

1) You Get What You Pay For: Low Cost Equals Low Quality

Your windshield is the most important part of your car. It protects you and everyone in it from everything that’s going on outside, like rocks flying off trucks or bugs splattering against the glass while driving at night. If your window breaks because of a hit-and-run driver or an accident victim plows their car into yours, then commercial auto glass repair kits just won’t cut it – these are low grade products with little to no resins available for repairs and old tools designed for fixing small chips rather than replacing major parts of windows (such as if they’re shattered). 

If you need a windshield repair, it is best to contact an auto glass specialist in your area. They will be able to provide the high-quality resin and tools needed for repairs that are guaranteed not only effective but also durable. While DIY kits can seem tempting if you’re on a budget, they don’t check all of the boxes.

2) DIY Auto Glass Repairs May Void Insurance Coverage

As you may know, most insurance policies provide some level of coverage for repairs and replacement. If the policy states that you must take it to an authorized professional, performing a DIY windshield fix could void any future claims on damages due to improper installation or use if they are not properly trained in these services. 

When you do a DIY glass repair and it doesn’t hold the first time around, what happens then? You will have to take your vehicle in for professional repairs. But rather than getting low-cost or completely free repairs from your insurance company, you will be forced to pay the full amount of these expensive fixes yourself.

With the right equipment and skills, a DIY repair can be done quickly. But if you lack those basics or are unwilling to put in the time for research and practice, then it’s best left up to professionals that know what they’re doing–especially when your windshield is on the line.

3) Do-It-Yourself Repairs Can Encourage Further Glass Damage

If the engine of your vehicle was damaged, would you attempt to repair it yourself? Of course not! And why would you only trust a professional to perform that job? Because any misstep could potentially result in irreparable damage. The same idea applies for windshield repairs: Even a small misstep could render the glass unusable.

You need the training and skills necessary to perform a quality windshield repair. Without them, you won’t know whether your work will actually hold up. Common DIY auto glass repair mistakes include:

●    Not cleaning the glass properly before applying resin

●    Applying too much pressure to the glass during application

●    Not allowing the resin to cure long enough

●    Failing to apply the resin correctly to provide a proper seal

●    Improper buffing of the resin after sealing or failing to buff the area at all

When you opt for professional auto glass repair, your vehicle will be fixed in an efficient and timely manner. With such prompt attention from professionals, it’s easy to understand why choosing a qualified technician is so crucial when dealing with car repairs.

If you want to repair your damaged windshield, don’t waste money on a DIY kit. Trust our team at Windshield Replacement San Jose with all of your glass repairs! For over 10 years we’ve proudly served drivers throughout San Jose metro area and offer multiple locations for fast service. Plus if you can’t come into one of our stores or meet us locally, just give us a call today or contact us online.

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